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Mailers for shipping almost anything.

Mailers Company offers a complete line of shipping mailers, available as plain, printed and/or custom mailers that meet your industry's specific needs. Our envelopes and packaging offer tremendous security and protection for your parcels.

Environmentally Friendly Shipping Mailers

All of our paperboard mailing envelope products are 100% recyclable, and most are made from 85% post-consumer waste recycled paperboard. At Mailers Company, we understand the importance of using eco-friendly packaging products, and since 1987, this is exactly what we have provided. Right here in America, we manufacture a wide range of eco-friendly self-seal paperboard envelopes, including CD mailers, sleeves and wallets; photo mailers as well as other packaging products. We strive to be a green solution by incorporating sustainable principles and factoring the environment into every business decision we make.

Shipping Mailers for Photographs & Documents

Take advantage of our low prices on photo mailers. Our item 2W, 13W and 11PS are perfect for an 8” x 10” or promotional photo. If you need something for larger prints, take a look at our 8K and 11K. They provide room for prints 11” x 15” and larger. Diploma and document shipping mailers are also among our most popular envelopes.

Full Color CD Sleeves & More

Mailers Company produces full color CD and DVD paperboard sleeves, shipping mailers and cd wallets with the highest quality, fastest turnaround times and the best pricing in the industry.

Our light-weight, postage-saving CD shipping mailer complies with all postal regulations to allow dramatic postage savings. The CD1PS postage-saving envelope, when combined with a CD, weighs in at less than an ounce.

Mailers Company also has plain white DVD mailers, which make the perfect vehicle for mailing DVD cases. Our facilities include the necessary equipment to custom print these envelopes with your company’s logo or a design of your choice.

Our CD/DVD shipping mailer options also include a light-weight, cardboard, two-way, self seal mailer. This innovative design is the perfect choice for sending out discs that need to be returned to you—such as DVD rentals and game rentals.

Our Expandable Paperboard Mailers offer the added flexibility of expansion, allowing the bulky items to fit while protecting the contents inside. This design can be used to ship items ranging from paper documents to bound books and three ring binders.